Simplify compliance - reduce cost

Navigating the risk of Compliance, Audit, and Log Analysis can be challenging.  If you are an organization, integrator, or auditor, our solution will save you cost on software and labor, is ready to use out of the box, and is 100% customizable, while validating the integrity of your standards with continuous monitoring.  The solution can easily be "white-labeled" as well, continuing to make you a hero among your peers. 

Specification at https://www.acatee.com/easier-road or email us for additional information at info@TechnologyMilestones.com.

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Enhance your audits with Artificial Intelligence

Imagine performing an audit wherein the answers to your interview questions have an impact on the standards you are auditing while giving you complete freedom to modify the questions, desired responses, and controls. Conduct your audit with the additional insight of an AI that runs on minimal hardware inspecting your customer's audit logs that reveal the "real-time" integrity of the controls you are auditing. 

Meet ACATEE.  Add a unique twist to your audit, check out the details at https://www.acatee.com/easier-road, or email us at info@TechnologyMilestones.com.