• Jeffrey Lush

Objectives of ACATEE

ACATEE has three primary objectives for the solution.

  • Act and Collect. The act and collect objective is to collect asset information, develop controls, align the events to the controls, and prepare the acatee environment for analysis activities. Customers can perform much of the work using a spreadsheet application or the provided acatee GUI application.

  • The Analyze and Transform objective performance the artificial intelligence by analyzing the existing environment with established standards. Within analyze and transform customers to analyze their log files, remove false positives for remediation tasks.

  • The Enforce and Evolve objective focuses on the integrity of the environment through reporting and dashboards.

All three of the ACATEE objectives are designed to measure the integrity of standards deployed within the environment, ultimately leading to a more secure environment for customers.

ACATEE's Development and Engineering Standards. ACATEE is built and maintained in an agile development environment, 100% within the borders of the United States of America; no code has been developed overseas. The architecture is designed as two components (AI and GUI) that work together to allow maximum flexibility for integration. ACATEE is 100% self-contained only requiring a Windows Operating system.

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