• Jeffrey Lush

Data Points and Risk

Data points that produce events impact the integrity of technical and non-technical standards. A cyber strategy often referred to as an SSP, has approximately 60% technical controls and 40% non-technical controls. ACATEE provides technology to drive integrity into both technical and non-technical controls as illustrated.

The collection of technical logs can range from hardware, software, cloud services or testing/scanning devices, or manual input. Regardless of the origin of the event, events have an impact on the standards deployed within the environment. The strength of the ACATEE intelligence allows environments to ingest disparate logs and events, aligning the events to controls and policies within the environment.

As compliance and cyber worthiness continue to merge, many regulatory requirements are provided as legal documents with little or no actionable controls or tasks within the infrastructure.

ACATEE understands controls, standards, policy and compliance activities for your environment, and can easily analyze any document, including legally defined cyber regulations, and map the requirements to known controls and standards that have been defined by your organization or agency.

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