• Jeffrey Lush

Cyber protection is somewhere between CA & NY

Illustrated on the map from New York to California, the light blue line with the tree, the lake, and the house were common navigational points for pioneers traveling across the country. The evolution of highways, maps, and roads established more standards or directions to get from one location to the other, although still very dependent upon our ability to read a map and understand directions.

The dark blue line stretching from New York to California introduces the use of analytics to understand patterns in traffic flow; while artificial intelligence (AI) consumes real-time data to adjust our path for an optimized route. The process works, in fact, in recent decades, GPS, Analytics, and AI have many of us arriving at our destinations with limited, to no knowledge of the path we have traveled.

Today, many environments are lost somewhere between New York and California, as they have no GPS or artificial intelligence to proactively visualize the cyber threat to their established controls and policies, ultimately, a threat to their environment.

The implementation of controls and policies within our environment may be closer to a paper exercise, or driving by landmarks, without measuring the integrity of the control and policy implementation.

Due to the fluid nature of the threat, controls and policies must be updated and measured regularly, if we are to understand the risk to our environments. In today’s world, without the use of artificial intelligence, an understanding of threat as it relates to established controls and policies is virtually impossible.

Perhaps ask yourself, is my cyber strategy based on landmarks and re-active efforts, or is it built upon pro-active, defense-focused, artificial intelligence, is it built on ACATEE.

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