• Jeffrey Lush

Cumulative Cyber Risk

Cyber risk is not an isolated event that occurs, nor, does it rarely only impact a single standard or control that we have implemented within the environment. In fact, in most instances, a cyber compromise touches at least ten other related technologies, either directly, or indirectly. The application of artificial intelligence, allows organizations to visualize cyber threat within their environment.

As illustrated, the isolated events of the footsteps, dog barking, and evidence of a crowbar used on the door indicate to the homeowner that threat and risk to their home was imminent. Although, easily dismissed is the dog barking, adding little insight into the risk of a home invasion. It's only when we cumulatively look at risk, that the risk becomes significant.

In the example illustrated, the cumulative risk of the dog barking, the footsteps, and the evidence of a crowbar used equals 9, or high risk, whereas individually the events are low or moderate risk. Using the ACATEE AI, we can ascertain a significant cyber threat based on hundreds and thousands of potential events, standards, weights, and priorities.

An additional benefit of understanding risk levels is the ability for the artificial intelligence to initiate the learning of risk patterns, a core attribute of the ACATEE AI. Illustrated to the lower left, is the learned risk pattern.

For example: On 1 December the dog barked, with a risk score of 2. Now, it is assumed that the event of the dog barking, would not occur again. Although, if the identified risk is not addressed, and the dog barks again, the ACATEE intelligence will add a defined percentage to that risk, in this instance: 50%. The first time the dog barks a risk score of 2 is captured, the second time the dog barks the risk score becomes 3.0, an increase of 50% (not 3.5 as illustrated).

ACATEE operates as an Artificial Narrow Intelligence or ANI, incorporating symbolic AI and reasoning. Based on mathematical equations and configuration input, ACATEE quickly defines risk within the environment.

The example of a threat to our home can is translated to understanding cyber risk, although instead of three events, we have hundreds of controls and thousands of events — an absolute need for Artificial Intelligence like ACATEE.

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