• Jeffrey Lush

ACATEE is an Enterprise Solution

ACATEE is an enterprise-level solution that allows for coordinated efforts from multiple sites or isolated processing of events.

  • Starting in the middle-upper part of the illustration with Fort Gordon, the controls are developed and distributed to the Washington DC site, Fort Hood, a deployed unit, and a unit downrange. Following the orange lines, you can see where the centralized controls have been deployed.

  • The SCIF (middle of the screen) may have received their controls originally from Fort Gordon, or perhaps Fort Meade, although using removable media load the standards on their version of ACATEE, 100% isolated within the SCIF.

  • The deployed site, upper left corner of the screen, leverages the standards provided by Fort Gordon, in addition, added mission-focused controls.

  • The logs, output, and results are all local at the deployed site, although, are then shared with Washington DC for a centralized view of their cyber status.

  • When the downrange troops come online, their results are synchronized to Washington DC, along with the results from Fort Hood.

  • Notice again Fort Gordon (upper middle of the screen) is only creating standards and is currently not running ACATEE in a continuous monitoring model.

  • Notice the downrange ACATEE version (lower left of your screen) has ACATEE monitoring laptops only, and the SCIF is using ACATEE to collect interview information, and logs from their laptops and scanning tools they currently have in place, like Nessus for example.

  • Enterprise management is defined as the ability to deploy and receive information throughout the enterprise, although provide flexibility, as each enterprise site will have different characteristics.

ACATEE requires no software or installation. It only requires a Windows operating system, and can efficiently run on a desktop, laptop, edge device, or server.

The configuration of ACATEE can be centrally applied, or, more commonly customized for the installation. Perhaps the downrange unit is only concerned with 10 events and 42 controls, ACATEE can easily be configured to support that configuration. The configuration of ACATEE is straightforward and can be changed within minutes using a text editor.

ACATEE has no dependencies on corporate infrastructure and can run 100% autonomous. The ACATEE AI can run independently from the ACATEE GUI as well, allowing organizations to leverage the intelligence and easily integrate into existing process and applications. ACATEE comes with a GUI interface as well, which requires no software, only a Windows operating system.

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