Introducing ... ACATEE RRS


ACATEE RSS Reader is speed reading with an Artifical Intelligence. 

ACATEE RSS can consume thousands of pages of information, producing just the information you need to see.  

ACATEE RSS allows you to create unlimited topic areas and groups, as well as import preset topic areas that are downloadable from 

ACATEE RRS focuses on providing a simple to use application with three basic functions: 

  • CREATE: Create your topics, key phrases, and groups

  • ANALYZE: Leverage the strength of the ACATEE AI to process your data, and sort through false positives. 

  • REVIEW:  View your results, and download easily for integration with other tools.  


Create topics, add key phrases, values and associate topics with groups.  


Records navigation is simple and consistent on all ACATEE RRS screens.  

Perform tasks like delete, add, find and record navigation.  


Example / Scenario-based help on each screen. 

Remove false positives from the ACATEE AI with the ACATEE RRS False Positive review process.