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Without data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, correlating large amounts of cyber security data to expose hidden patterns and unknown correlations can be a daunting task with a very low probability of success.

Leverage artificial intelligence to provide near real-time visibility of the viability of the standards you have established within your organization.

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Create controls, manage key phrases, policies, and weights.  Add your inventory and details to the events found in your environment.  As a bonus, all functions on this screen can also be completed using a spreadsheet. 

The development of the controls and policy is only the "tip" of transforming your environment into a better cyber posture.  

Eliminate your false positive, with the help of the ACATEE AI, so that you can begin remediation focused and ready to resolve the cyber issue. 

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Take focused, immediate action to remediate your risk with multiple reports and dashboards providing all stakeholders with critical cyber visibility. 

Export results directly into existing remediation, ticketing for in-house applications.  

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Understand threat based on specific events, hardware, software or based on the standards.  

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